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We Can Help With exists for one reason, and one reason only: to make it easier for you to search for campervans, which of course includes Campervan hire North Shore. We set this website up because we thought that finding campervan companies online was a bit of a chore, and we thought we could simplify the process and provide a better experience for the consumer. For example, this website works on a variety of screen sizes and resolutions, meaning you can look for Campervan hire North Shore on your mobile, tablet or computer. We hope you enjoy using this website, and welcome any feedback you may have about it.

We have tried to make it as easy to search for Campervan hire North Shore as possible; all you have to do to begin your search is use the search box right at the top of every page. Here, simply enter some basic details such as the dates you are looking for, the driver age etc, and hit search. It is advisable to select identical pick up and drop off sites for your campervan, as you’ll find prices for Campervan hire North Shore are cheaper if you do this. This is because if you return your vehicle to a different site, the supplier will have to arrange to have it shipped across the county.

After you’re comfortable with all the data you have entered, hit search and you’ll be presented with a list of all the vehicles that we know of in the area. Even more usefully, you can also filter your results to include or exclude certain vehicle types, to only choose campervans that are above or below a certain price, and so on. We are sure that the advanced filters will make it far easier to locate Campervan hire North Shore, and are constantly improving our services to make searching for campervans a more pleasant experience. We hope you have a great deal of success when using this website, and wish you the best of luck with your trip!

Some useful information about North Shore

North Shore has a population of 207,865 people during the most recent measurement. The latitude of North Shore is -36.8 degrees and the longitude is 174.75 degrees. North Shore sits within the officially-designated timezone of Pacific/Auckland.

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Campervan Hire in North Shore

Top Ten Tips to Help With Campervan Hire in North Shore

Here’s a list of 10 top tips you should think about before hiring a campervan.

  1. Tailor your campervan to your holiday. This is our top tip really, and is something that We Can Help With specializes in, as we are able to help you to narrow down you options thanks to the many useful filters we offer. Ultimately, selecting the right campervan for your trip will come down to considering the features of the holiday you are planning, for example how many people will be joining you or how long you plan to be ‘off grid’ for. Different campervans suit different needs, for example if you know you will be away from cities for a while you may want a larger vehicle to make the most of the extra space it provides. Equally, if you are on a budget and planning to do quite a lot of driving, a smaller vehicle is likely to be more fuel efficient as well as more affordable to hire. Ultimately, you simply need to think about the holiday your planning and choose a vehicle accordingly.
  2. Do you really need that classic campervan? Ok, we get it, an old VW Kombi is a beautiful and romantic machine, but modern campervans will have far more in terms of mod cons and comfort. An old VW will sleep two relatively comfortably, however if you plan on taking any more people, you’re better off with a more modern vehicle, unless you bring a tent to pitch alongside your VW. Moreover, older vehicles are far slower and less fuel efficient, as well as more expensive to hire, so if you are on a tight budget or timescale you might want to consider that. Therefore, as above, the answer is again to think about the holiday you are planning to have and to hire your campervan accordingly – if you’re going to be out in cold weather, driving long distances, or require a great deal of comfort, a more modern vehicle is probably the better choice.
  3. Look at the options that the vehicle comes with. By this, we meet both the optional extra things that can be added to the hire at a cost (for example sat navs), and also what the campervan is equipped with ‘out the box’. Most campervans will include a fridge, a sink and taps, a water tank and some gas hobs. However, if you are planning to entertain many people or cook particularly exotic meals, then you might want to upgrade to a larger vehicle, which can come with an oven, a fridge and so on. Similarly, depending on where you are planning to stay, you may need to think about showers and human waste storage, as so called ‘self-contained’ campervans may be a legal requirement to wild camp in certain countries. If, however, you plan to stay in campsites, these will almost certainly come with all the showers and toilet facilities you could need, meaning a smaller and less well equipped vehicle would be fine.
  4. What do you need to bring? Treat thinking about your campervan holiday as you would a normal camping holiday – do you need extra blankets, toys, games and so on? Many campervans will come with bedding and linen as standard, but it it is worth checking this by confirming with the hire company. Not that the hire company may well offer some chargeable extras, such as DVD players, bike racks, chairs, tables and so forth. Generally, these can be worthwhile if you are flying out to the country you plan to visit, but if you are renting the campervan in the country you live in and you own many of these items, it makes far more sense to look in advance and simply bring it all with you rather than hire it. One of the best ways to think about what you might need is to select a campervan on our website and go as far as the checkout, as here you will see a number of the available options, which could trigger some thoughts about what you actually own already. Also, we recommend not bringing a large suitcase, not because the campervan can’t take all the items within (it should be able to) but more because there will be nowhere to store the empty case – instead, use backpacks or soft storage cases that can simply be tucked into a drawer somewhere.
  5. What time of the year are you going? This is a pretty key one. If you go in a cold part of the year, it’s really important to pack not just the usual jumpers and hats, but also some extra blankets as you will likely be sitting outside for at least some time. Similarly, if it’s a hot period of time it’s probably in the peak season, therefore booking a spot at some of the campsites you are thinking about is advisable. We do not recommend just winging it and hoping to find a spot at the campervan site, otherwise you could end up with some serious problems, especially if wild camping is forbidden!
  6. You’re driving a bigger vehicle. Ok, this much is obvious, but still we can offer some tips to new drivers. Old hands can skip down to another section. Firstly, we would recommend you plan your route, as if you’d feel more comfortable avoiding those narrow country lanes then a well planned route can achieve that. Also, note that braking takes longer in a larger vehicle, so don’t assume you have the same leniency in braking as you would with a car – and this is especially important to think about if you’ve decided on a classic campervan. Moreover, think about some of the items you have in the vehicle – if you brake suddenly or go round a steep corner, some of these can fall out! Lastly, and this is really key, you need to note down the height of the vehicle in the measurement of the country you are in, as in some very remote and rural places your campervan may actually be too high for some tunnels or bridges.
  7. The cost isn’t as high as it seems. What do we mean here? Well, when you hire a campervan you are getting your transport, your accommodation and your meals all in one. So, whilst the outward cost may appear relatively high, when you factor in what it would cost to hire a car, stay in a hotel and eat out for every meal, they are actually incredibly reasonable. Moreover, the campervan will also be fully insured and equipped with much of the latest equipment, as well as maintained to a high standard by the mechanics used by the hire company.
  8. Ask for a tour of the vehicle before you hit the road. Most hire companies will offer this anyway, but the staff will always be willing to answer more questions if you have them, so what we really mean is to be thorough during this part of the hire process. Ask plenty of questions about the controls and lights, how to use any additions like parking cameras or the music system etc. Moreover, check how to fuel the vehicle, where to swap the gas bottles, how to turn the seats into beds, how to drain and fill the water tanks and so on. Basically, the more of this you get out of the way before you hit the road the better, as what you don’t want is to arrive late at night at a dark campsite and to have to work all this stuff out – far easier to be shown it by the experts.
  9. It can take quite a long time to pick up and drop off the vehicle. This part is pretty boring, we know, but make sure you leave loads of time to pick up and drop off the vehicle. This is especially important if you are flying into a new country, as you really don’t want to be rushing off the plane and trying to get through the hire process as fast as possible before the hire company shuts. We would give at least an hour, probably two to be safe, for both pick up drop off. Especially at peak times, which tend to be the hotter months, it’s not uncommon for there to be a bit of a queue and the staff to be busy with other customers who arrived before you.
  10. Have you thought about a hotel on day one in the new country? What, a campervan hire website is recommending you don’t hire a campervan but instead stay in a hotel for an evening – have we gone mad? Well, if you’ve flown into a new country, especially if it is a long way away, then you are likely tired and jet-lagged. A very common mistake people make is to immediately hit the rental store, jump in the campervan and hit the road. However, this is not very wise, as being extremely tired combined with new road layouts and a new vehicle is the perfect conditions to quickly have an accident and ruin your holiday on day one. Therefore, at least one night at a hotel in the city you fly into is very wise and gives your body time to adjust, making for a much safer trip.
Top ten tips for campervan hire

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Can I drop off my campervan somewhere other than North Shore?
In many cases you can. Note that if you do, there is likely to be an increased cost.
How does the insurance work in North Shore?
The campervan insurance is almost always included in the vehicle hire cost, but this usually does not include the full excess (see below).
Will there be an excess for campervan hire North Shore?
There is likely to be an excess in most cases, however you can usually remove it if you pay a little more per day. You may also be able to arrange with a 3rd party to cover the insurance.
Can I compare prices in North Shore?
Absolutely! Our search engine lets you compare across a range of campervan providers to secure the best deal.
Is there a charge for using a card to hire a campervan in North Shore?
In most cases there is a nominal charge to use a credit or debit card, which rarely exceeds 2%. Please note that Visa and Mastercard are the only card types accepted at this time.