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All Motorcycle Rental Locations in Spain

Here we show all the places in which we have information about motorcycle rental in Spain.

We receive a lot of visitors looking for motorcycle rental in Spain, so we thought that we should set up a page that details all the major locations available within Spain. Of course, not all these locations may yet offer motorcycle rental, but as a growing website we would always advise that you check back from time to time, as new locations are constantly being added to the website. Furthermore, we are always adding new articles of interest to the site too, as well as new types of things you can hire – simply check the homepage to see any new options that are available.

Why rent a motorcycle?

Great question! We think that there's nothing better than exploring a new place (or even somewhere you are already familiar with) on a motorcycle, and Spain is of course no exception.

A motorcycle is undoubtedly one of the most exhilarating ways of getting around, and really lets you get in touch with a place in a way that few, if any, other forms of transport allow. This might be because you are actually out and exposed to the elements in a way that being in a car or most other forms of transport prevent, or it might be the simple but enduring thrill of the wind over your body. It might also be the forces acting on you as you make a corner or accelerate down a hill, but overall there is something about being out and about on a motorcycle both takes you away from your troubles, but also simultaneously roots you to the place you are in. Your memories of the place you are exploring will likely be tied in with your bike and memories of the open road. It truly is all about the trip rather than the destination on many motorbike tours.

Furthermore, motorcycles are one of the greenest ways to get around. They're hardly perfect, like any form of transport, but you can be safe in the knowledge that you're not utterly spoiling the place you're visiting quite like the hordes of people in their cars, buses and taxis. Tied in with this is the affordability aspect of a motorcycle – compared to other forms of transport like cars, or even public transport (which can be incredibly expensive in many countries these days), motorcycles are very reasonable to run as they use a tiny amount of fuel vs most other ways of getting around. Additionally, the rental costs tend to be pretty modest too, as to put it bluntly a motorcycle tends to be a relatively economical machine to manufacture, which of course feeds into the prices the rental agents charge. And finally, parking tends to be far cheaper as well, if there is any charge at all.

We hope that by making it easy to rent a motorcycle in Spain we can encourage more and more motorcycle use around the world, which should lead to better infrastructure and more awareness from other road users. Interestingly, hiring a motorbike on a trip abroad is becoming more and more popular with time, so we hope that by making it easy to compare and rent online this trend will continue to accelerate.

Another very good reason to rent a motorcycle is the fact that biking is good for both your physical and your mental health, which cannot be said for many other common ways of getting around (bicycling and walking excluded, of course). As noted above, biking is a fantastic way to 'put you in the moment', which is of course commonly regarded as one of the best ways to improve you mental health. This is because you do not dwell on future or past worries, and you are able to switch off repetitive thinking. Instead, you focus only on what is going on around you, which is very rejuvenating and refreshing for your brain.

Motorcycling is also good for your body, at least versus practically all other forms of transport, as you are having to use sheer strength to turn the bike round corners. Moreover, pushing and holding the heavy bike at slow speeds also has health benefits and acts as a form of resistance exercise; it certainly requires far more energy than simply sitting in a car, train or bus.

Hopefully we have demonstrated just a few of the reasons to rent a motorcycle. Let We Can Help With assist you with comparing motorbike hire in Spain, and pick an affordable motorcycle today!

Some useful information about Spain

The unique country code for Spain is ES. You will likely therefore find that country code in your address bar if you visit a website from Spain. With regards to time, Spain lies in the Europe/Madrid timezone, which means that it has a GMT offset of 1.0 hours.

All Motorcycle Rental Locations in Spain

How to use We Can Help With to rent a motorcycle?

To start your search all you do is scroll to the top of any motorcycle page and enter some simple details about your trip. This might include such things as the dates to hire to and from, the city you want to hire from in Spain, and also whether you want to pick up and drop off in the same location. Note that there might be extra charges to pick up and drop off in different sites, as the motorcycle rental company will have to get the vehicle returned to their main base, however it can be a more affordable and time efficient way to plan your holiday.

When you have begun your search, you will note that we provide you with a large list of all motorbikes that we are aware of in the city or location that you have chosen. This will often include a gallery as well as plenty of helpful information about the hire (for example, any extras that are included in the hire, info on insurance and driving licenses needed and so on). Of course, any extra options that are available will also be detailed, so if you need an additional helmet for a passenger, for example, it may be possible to rent this at a small extra cost. You can also add in any comments that you feel might be important for us to know when taking account your booking. We hope you enjoy your motorbike rental holiday in Spain and consider using our service again!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How do I get in touch if I have a problem with motorcycle rental Spain?
Our partners who handle the bookings have 24/7 customer service who will be able to assist.
How does the insurance work for motorcycle rental Spain?
All motorcycles come with third party insurance. You can usually also take out more comprehensive insurance at a small extra daily cost, or you may be able to arrange this with a 3rd party.
What languages do you offer to help with rental in Spain?
Our partners allow you to rent a motorcycle in many languages, for example English, French, German, Italian, Russian and many more.
What happens if I need to cancel my Spain motorcycle rental?
Cancelling is easy. You can cancel at no extra cost up to 48 hours before the start of your booking. Beyond that, you will be charged the full price of the vehicle. Also note that the cost of securing the vehicle online is not refundable.
What about driving licenses in Spain?
The requirements around driving licenses to hire a motorcycle varies greatly by country. We would advise you to always read the rules around licenses on the booking page.