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All Pet Sitting Locations in Ghana

Here we list all the locations in Ghana which contain articles on pet sitting.

Ghana is a growing location for people to consider pet sitting. Indeed, the global pet sitting movement itself is growing constantly, which is a trend we are strongly in favour of, due to all the benefits we will describe below. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to find pet sitting in Ghana, and around the world.

Why pet sit in Ghana?

There are two main ways to look at the benefits of pet sitting – as the host (i.e. the home owner) or as the sitter. We will now examine the benefits for both, starting with hosts looking for pet sitters in Ghana.

As a pet sitting host, you gain an enormous amount from the arrangement. You are getting high quality, vetted care for your pets and your home whilst you are away, all for free. If you were to put your animals in kennels, catteries or equivalent, the cost would likely be enough to incentivise you to travel much less – however, thanks to pet sitting, you are able to travel far more often and with far less guilt as to the welfare of your animals whilst you are away.

Furthermore, as a host looking for pet sitters in Ghana you also get the benefit of all the checks that our partners have built into the platform, to make it as safe as possible to find quality pet sitters. For example, all pet sitters on the platform are strongly encouraged to undertake as many checks as possible, like email and telephone verification. Further checks also include identity checks and document checking – indeed those who have undertaken the most checks will be marked with various flags and banners on the system, to make them more prominent. When you as a host are looking for pet sitters in Ghana, take a look at the verification levels of those applying for the pet sitting position. Ultimately, the safety ensured by our partners' platform is one of the major benefits to hosts of pet sitting, as it allows you to travel worry free.

Note that another very good way to filter down potential sitters is to make use of the extensive review system found on the website. You can use the review system to examine all previous reviews of the sitters you are interested in, and see what other hosts have made of them over the years. You should be able to glean a lot from their past interactions with other home owners, and we consider the review system another benefit to hosts, as it allows them to further have security about the whole system.

The benefits of pet sitting Ghana for sitters

Now, let's take a look at the benefits of pet sitting Ghana from the perspective of the sitters. As a sitter you are able to travel the world and not pay for accommodation, which is surely the main highlight of the whole process. This enables you to travel for longer and also generally in better quality – no more staying in packed hostels, or overpriced hotels. With access to fully equipped kitchens in practically all homes, you also save a vast amount vs eating out, and it is far more healthy for you to boot. Because the homes you are likely to stay may well be outside the main tourist hotspots, you also get to experience more of the country you are visiting, and in all likelihood have a more authentic experience. One additional benefit that it is worth mentioning is that, of course, you also get to spend time bonding with some wonderful and unique animals!

Some useful information about Ghana

The unique country code for Ghana is GH. You will likely therefore find that country code in your address bar if you visit a website from Ghana. With regards to time, Ghana lies in the Africa/Accra timezone, which means that it has a GMT offset of 0.0 hours.

All Pet Sitting Locations in Ghana

How do I find pet sitting Ghana?

Finding pet sitting in Ghana couldn't be any easier. Simply scroll to the top of this page and click or tap on the banner to begin the process. From here, you will be taken to our partners website where you can choose either 'Finding a pet sitter' if you are a host, or 'search for homes to sit' if you are a sitter interested in Ghana. Either way, you will be presented with a large list of either available homes, or sitters.

If you are a sitter and it is a home that you are after, then just click on one of the images to go to the main listing page for that property. Note that at this point you are able to filter the results in a great many ways, for example by the species that you are most comfortable looking after, by dates of availability and so on. If you are not a member you will then be prompted to sign up, which is extremely easy. Then, you will be able to view the full listing, including all photos, as well as a likely description of the property and the pets from the owner. If you like what you see, you can check the dates and begin speaking with the owner and arranging pet sitting Ghana.

As a host, it's also incredibly easy to find sitters for pet sitting Ghana. Again, once you have clicked on the correct button you will see a long list of all the sitters available, and you just have to select one of them to go to their profile. Again, like sitters, you will be prompted to sign up, and once you have you will be able to read far more about them, view photos of them etc. You can also view their verification level and how experienced they are as a sitter, as well as their review and more. Ultimately, simply choose the sitter you think best suits your needs, and strike up a conversation with them to get something booked in.

We make pet sitting in Ghana easy

We hope that this has given you a brief introduction into pet sitting in Ghana. We aim to make it as simply as possible to find both hosts and sitters in Ghana and ultimately across the globe. Good luck with your pet sitting experience, and we hope that you have a good time and are able to contribute to this growing movement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How does insurance work with pet sitting Ghana?
Insurance for the host’s property is automatically included. The host’s property is covered for property damage, theft and public liability.
Who are your partners who I book pet sitting in Ghana through?
Our partners are perhaps the biggest and best name in the business, Trusted Housesitters.
What happens if I don’t know how to look after a certain species of pet in Ghana?
No problem, when you search you are able to specify the species that you are most comfortable with.
What if the pet I’m looking after in Ghana gets sick?
Our partners provide a 24/7 Vet Advice Line for you to call.
How can I trust the sitter in my home in Ghana?
All sitters are verified, and you are free to choose sitters with only the highest levels of verification.