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All Pet Sitting Topics in New Westminster

This page is used to list all the pet sitting topics we are aware of that relate to New Westminster. And when we say all topics, we really mean all links to pages that have content written about them - these pages could be very diverse, for example information about pet sitting insurance, tips about how to look after certain animals, information about pet sitting in a specific area, and much much more. We are constantly adding more topics and articles all the time as well, so please check back when you can to see what's changed!

Some useful information about New Westminster

New Westminster has a population of 58,549 people during the most recent measurement. The latitude of New Westminster is 49.20678 degrees and the longitude is -122.91092 degrees. New Westminster sits within the officially-designated timezone of America/Vancouver.

All about pet sitting

Pet sitting as we all understand it now is a relatively new phenomenon, although other forms of pet sitting have been around in many guises right throughout history. To be clear, pet sitting in this context means using an online service to book pet sitters who are vetted and have online reviews, but are ultimately not known to the host. Nor are these sitters working for businesses or larger organisations professionally. This is very different to how pet sitting was understood in the past, where people would have had to call upon the help of neighbours and friends, or quite often professional services from a company that specialised in offering pet sitting. The benefit of pet sitting now, in the digital age, is that the costs of getting a sitter are driven way down; indeed it is usually free to employ a sitter. The sitter themselves also gets the benefit of being able to stay at the host's house for free too.

Nowadays there are quite a few companies offering to match potential sitters and hosts online, however we have chosen to partner with one of the biggest and best in the business, Trusted Housesitters. This is because they offer some of the most comprehensive listings available (with over 60,000 members), making it far easier for sitters to find a place to sit all around the world, and complimenting the already global nature of this website. Moreover, as a well respected brand, they have very large number of highly rated reviews, ensuring that you are in safe hands as either a sitter or a host. And finally, Trusted Housesitters have been in the business for over 11 years, meaning that they have 'seen it all' and are properly set up to support sitters and hosts, should anything unexpected happen.

All Pet Sitting Topics in New Westminster

Why should I hire a pet sitter?

There are so many great reasons to hire a pet sitter, it's impossible to list them all really! Just a couple are: If you're a pet sitting host, i.e. the owner of the pet, one of the main benefits is that your pet gets to stay at home when you're away. This shouldn't be underestimated, as most pets are creatures (pun very much intended) of habit and can become extremely nervous and scared if taken out of the home and placed into a cattery or kennels etc. Moreover, as a host, you get the added security of your home being looked after too, as being away for weeks or months on end can be rather inviting to criminals to say the least. Also, should anything go wrong in your home, for example a leak develop or a back door blow open, a sitter has a great chance of spotting it and most likely rectifying it before you get back. At the very least, they should be able to get in touch with you, and of course early action can make all the difference and stop a problem from getting worse.

As discussed above, another major benefit is the low cost of using a pet sitter from an online service like ours. In the past you would have had to shell out a lot to find someone willing to look after a property for a long time, or use expensive catteries and kennels, but now the cost (really only the cost of a pet sitting website membership) is so low its almost negligible. Plus, there are huge numbers of people wanting to be sitters and joining pet sitting sites all the time, further increasing the pool you can draw from and driving prices down even more.

Why should I pet sit?

And from the other angle, it's also worth considering why you might want to be a pet sitter as well. Again, as with hosts, there are so many good reasons to do this - number one is the major cost savings you stand to make. As a pet sitter, you get the chance to stay completely for free in some of the best cities and countries in the world, and for quite long periods of time as well. It's not unheard of that you might find hosts who are going away for months or longer, and being able to stay that long is a luxury that in the age of 'hotel only' travel would have cost a fortune. Moreover, some of the homes that you can sit are in places that you would never have thought of or been exposed to before, and indeed are in locations where traditional hotels would never open. You get the chance to live like a local in the suburbs of a city, or perhaps an amazing rural location miles from any other accommodation.

Of course, another fantastic benefit to pet sitting is all the wonderful and unique pets that you get to spend time with - and you know that you're doing the right thing by providing comfort and support for them whilst their owners are away. You might get the chance to really develop a relationship with one of these animals, and truly get to know them for a period of weeks or even months. It certainly improves your skills with animals and should give you experience that helps you in further pet sitting roles.

Read more about pet sitting

Please do follow some of the links on this page to read more about the various topics we have on pet sitting. We hope that you find this information engaging and useful and, as above, please keep checking back in from time to time to read more on this growing movement of sitters and hosts!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How does insurance work with pet sitting New Westminster?
Insurance for the host’s property is automatically included. The host’s property is covered for property damage, theft and public liability.
Who are your partners who I book pet sitting in New Westminster through?
Our partners are perhaps the biggest and best name in the business, Trusted Housesitters.
What happens if I don’t know how to look after a certain species of pet in New Westminster?
No problem, when you search you are able to specify the species that you are most comfortable with.
What if the pet I’m looking after in New Westminster gets sick?
Our partners provide a 24/7 Vet Advice Line for you to call.
How can I trust the sitter in my home in New Westminster?
All sitters are verified, and you are free to choose sitters with only the highest levels of verification.