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Charter Yachts Across the Globe

We Can Help With is a brand new website that makes it easier to search for yacht charter online, wherever you are looking in the world. We offer you the chance to secure a private cabin in small to medium sized vessels, right through to hiring a complete vessel with a full professional crew. We operate in an extremely broad range of countries, for example Croatia, Barbados, the Maldives, Greece and many many more.

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Why Charter a Yacht?

Chartering a yacht is a wonderful way to see a new side of a country. Whether it’s your home country or abroad, you’re sure to see something new from the coastline; epic cliffs, stunning beaches and even unique marine creatures can all be commonly spotted from the yacht. Of course, you can also reach parts of the coastline that you could not get to from land, from tiny islands to secluded personal beaches. Island hopping is of course one of the most popular activities to undertake in a yacht, and the islands of Croatia are of course a famous example of this, with many people renting a vessel and doing this exact activity every year.

Yacht Charter Across the world

What’s more, if you hire the entire vessel then you are also in total control of the itinerary – see a fabulous beach? Then stay there for a few days longer – there’s no reason to rush to the next port. You can also take the holiday at the pace you are after, and of course you are usually free to drop anchor overnight in whichever beautiful location you stumble upon. Yacht charter is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life, even if you are new to it, as it may turn into something that you want to do far more frequently!

Yacht charter can be surprisingly affordable, as when you are on the yacht you are also getting an included hotel, space to cook your own food (or a chef which will be included in the price) and more. Therefore, whilst there is of course an upfront cost, you can be relatively sure that you have most of what you need to enjoy yourself with few hidden costs.

Yacht Charter Options

We can help with offers a number of yacht hire options. These range from chartering an entire vessel, with a captain, a cook and sailors, to a bare minimum hire where you are in charge of everything, including cooking, skippering and navigation! Even if you want to hire an entire vessel but are not able to skipper yourself, we offer you the option of hiring just a skipper, to save costs but still allow you to enjoy the experience of charting your own boat. Furthermore, for those in a smaller group (including solo travellers), we let you rent a single cabin in a boat made up of many others, which is a superb way to experience a yachting holiday whilst saving a significant amount of cash.

Reserve Online

We take the stress out of booking yachts, as we let you reserve the vessel online. No more ringing providers in different countries, and trying to get by due to language barriers. We make it easy by letting you perform a full search in your native language, and detailing everything in a clear, easy to understand website.

When it comes to booking, we simply ask you to enter a few contact details, meaning that our professional team can soon be in touch to help you with your booking. You don’t even need to provide any payment information to reserve the dates! All prices are detailed upfront, as well as any inclusions and exclusions, making it far simpler to plan your yacht hire budget. Finally, if you’re at any point unsure or have any questions, we let you chat to our dedicated team of experts at any time. Simply click on the ‘Leave us a message’ button, and a chat box will open up. If we’re not in our offices at that exact time, you will be able to leave a message and we’ll get back to you at the first opportunity.

A Social Holiday

Hiring a yacht and sailing around a coastline is a wonderfully social holiday, as you will usually be eating with your shipmates, you will frequently perform sailing tasks together (unless you have hired a full crew to do this for you), generally getting to know the people on your boat very well. For this reason, it’s an ideal holiday for families.

Even if you are a relative novice, or simply want to experience the thrill of travelling across a coastline in a yacht, you can rent a cabin within a yacht which is made up of other individuals or couples. This is a superb way to enjoy a yachting holiday without the expense of chartering an entire vessel, and of course is a wonderful way of making new friends.

Despite the social nature of these holidays, there is still plenty of downtime, and it’s easy to escape for a few hours to sit in a quiet part of the boat and read a book, or simply gaze at the water and the beautiful scenery!

Port Stops

It goes without saying that one of the great joys of a yacht charter holiday are the plentiful port stops. Here you get the chance to stretch your legs, enjoy some restaurants and see another side of the country that you’re in. You may also enjoy a fabulous night out and sample unique drinks with the locals and other travellers. It’s also a great way to escape bad weather and to simply take a break from the ocean. You’re bound to find some real gems in some of the ports, with places like Greece and Croatia famous for tiny, beautiful historic ports attached to quiet islands. You don’t have to stop at every port you see, but make sure you leave a bit of time to sample some of them.

Overall, a yacht charter gives you so many options to customise your holiday entirely to your own taste. Select some dates and choose a country to begin your search in the box above, and begin your yacht charter adventure!