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Pet Sitting Across the World

We Can Help With is the best place to go to find pet sitting across the globe. With the help of our partners, we are able to offer pet sitting in a huge range of countries; from Austria, to the United States, China to Vanuatu, we have you covered! We are a new and fast growing site that helps you in your search for pet sitting, and our goal is to make it as easy as possible to match owners with sitters. We work in partnership with Trusted Housesitters who handle the actual booking aspect of the pet sitting.

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Why consider pet sitting as an owner?

If you’re thinking about pet sitting, you’re almost certainly coming at it from one of two angles – that of the home owner, or that of the sitter. Therefore, we’ll cover it from both sides, starting with the owner.

Pet sitting is quite simply one of the easiest and best ways to have someone take care of your home and your pets whilst you are away. Prior to the growth of the modern pet sitting movement, home owners with pets would be required to either send their pets to the kennels or the cattery, or to have a neighbour or friend come round to feed and look after the pets. Neither of these options are terribly appealing – the costs of kennels and catteries really add up, and there is a strong change your beloved pet would utterly hate their time there, and maybe even come back traumatized. Alternatively, the use of a neighbour or friend to check in on your pets was in some ways better, however you were then reliant entirely on the availability of that person. For example, if it’s high season and they are on holiday themselves, then you’re out of luck and you’ll just have to wait till they are around. In addition, most people are no doubt busy, therefore they are not going to have the time to be at your house for long – perhaps they only pop in a for a few minutes to feed the pet before heading off.

It was out of the gaps in this approach that the modern pet sitting movement was born. When you use pet sitters as a home owner, you have a huge range of pet sitters that are available throughout the year, all willing to look after your pets for free. What’s more, you can be confident that they will be at the home far more often than a friend or neighbour, for example they are sure to be sleeping at the home. In addition, when you use our partners' platform you can ensure that the sitters are all vetted and reviewed, and you have the chance to speak to them extensively before they move in. Of course a great many pet sitters are pet lovers themselves, so will be able to give plenty of time and love to your furry friends. Because of this, you can go on holiday more easily and worry free, and all whilst making considerable savings.

Pet Sitting Worldwide

Why consider pet sitting as a sitter?

Pet sitting isn’t only a good deal for the owner, it’s also a fabulous deal for the sitter as well. Pet sitting enables you to travel the world for a dramatically reduced cost. In the past, if you wanted to see a new country or city you’d have to pay for an expensive and generally soulless hotel, however with a pet sitting platform you can choose from a great selection of warm and cozy houses and apartments, all for free!

In addition, the houses that you pet sit in will often be in fantastic spots that you would not have discovered or known about without finding them on the platform. It’s a really great way to experience areas that are off the tourist trail, and you regularly get very authentic experiences and a chance to live like a local. Moreover, of course it goes without saying that you will meet plenty of lovely, lively and friendly pets as well! If you’re an animal lover, it’s a wonderful way to see the world as well as to spend some quality time with some new four legged (or more, or less!) friends.

How does the pet sitting platform work?

As mentioned, we have partnered with one of the biggest names in the business, Trusted Housesitters. Therefore the process to find a pet sitting location couldn’t be easier – simply click on the banner or the book here button at the top of the page, and you will be redirected to the Trusted Housesitters website. From here all you need to do is select ‘Search for homes to sit’, enter the location you would like to pet sit in, and you’ll be able to see all the listings in this area. To see a listing in detail you will need to sign up for an account, but this is very straightforward and you can even use your Facebook account if you like.

As a home owner, the process to find a pet sitter is extremely similar. Again you will need to click on the banner or book now button to be taken to our partner’s website. From here you simply choose ‘Finding a pet sitter’. You’ll then automatically be presented with a list of all the pet sitters available nearby. Again, to actually interact with a sitter you will need to set up an account, which is extremely quick.

Pet sitting – discover new places and new pets!

Overall, we think that the growth of pet sitting is extremely positive, as it allows people to see the world for free, or at least a far reduced cost – both owners and sitters. Of course, for sitters you also get to meet lots of lovely new pets as well, and it really is a way to experience life like a local, as there is a strong change you won’t be stuck right in the middle of a tourist trap since that tends to not be where a great many local love. For the increasing number of people who can work remotely, pet sitting also opens up a whole new world of possibilities, since they can travel round the world whilst also having the comfort of a home and a place to work. We hope you enjoy your pet sitting experience with We Can Help With and Trusted Housesitters!