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We Can Help With is the best way to search for campervan rentals, wherever you are in the world. We are a new site that lets you make international campervan comparisons, whether you're looking for vehicles in Germany, France, Iceland, the United States, Canada or elsewhere. What's more, we have a fully integrated and secure booking system that lets you book your preferred vehicle safely online – no more emailing vehicle providers to see if the vehicle is still available, and then organising payment over the phone or by cheque. With We Can Help With you can relax and enjoy your holiday, safe in the knowledge that you have both got the best possible price as well ensuring your vehicle is paid for and ready for you to pick up when you arrive.

Plus, our website works beautifully a range of devices, from mobile phones and tablets right through to computers of various sizes. So you can now book on the move as well!

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How To Search For Vehicles

Searching for a campervan is simple – just navigate to the search box above and input the country that you'd like to rent your campervan in. Then choose your city or other pickup location, the dates you think you'd like the vehicle for, the country that you are booking from, and finally your age. When you click the search button you will then be given a tailored list of vehicles, and you are able to sort this list by price, special features, berths (the number of people the vehicle holds), and more. You can then select the vehicle you are most happy with, and move on to make a secure booking to reserve your campervan.

Why Hire a Campervan Anyway?

Campervan hire makes for a superb holiday. There's probably no better way to experience the outdoors than in a campervan; imagine waking up to crystal clear lakes in New Zealand, imposing forests in Germany, vineyards in France or stunning glaciers in Iceland. Your campervan lets you traverse across a foreign country with all the convenience of a hire car – really, it combines the best features of a hire car and hotel into one convenient (and much more affordable) package. In addition, most modern campervans contain many advanced and comfortable features that really let you enjoy your home away from home – you have access to toilets, showers, cooking facilities and, should you need it, there's likely to even be a television. Your campervan is your own home for as many days or weeks as you book it, and lets you escape the sanitised and sterile environments found in many large chain hotels.

Campervan Hire across the globe

Of course, one of the best and often overlooked features of campervans is that they let you stay for as long or as short a time in a place as you wish. Bored of a certain national park? Then move on! Or perhaps you'd like to stay longer near a favourite city? Then you can do that, without having to worry about availability of hotels or missing transport connections. You really are in charge of your holiday itinerary and can come and go as you please.

What's more, campervans lead to much more social holidays that the traditional large and expensive hotels that most people spend their trip in. After all, you're likely to spend a bit of time parked up in campervan sites, and these often have a bar and plenty of communal areas. You'll find that campervan owners are very sociable people, and you may well make friends that you keep in touch with for the rest of your trip, and who may even end up friends for life!

Campervan Hire in Many Countries

If you look at the box above, you’ll see all the countries that we currently offer campervan hire in. Note that We Can Help With is a growing website, so you should see more and more countries being added to this list as we continue to expand. Within each country, we list the major sites that you can hire a campervan. Of course, all the countries and hire locations can also be found in the search box at the top of the page as well.

Indeed, we have suppliers in such a range of countries that there is always a peak season somewhere in the world (the peak seasons for campervan rentals generally being in the warmer months). Given that some periods are busier than others, we would advise you to book as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. However, even if we can’t secure your chosen vehicle, we will always try to set you up with another supplier – we can usually find something else that will be perfectly appropriate for your needs. If this happens we will of course contact you first to make sure that new vehicle is suitable and to run through everything. Our friendly customer support team love to help people across the globe!

A Little About We Can Help With

We wanted to make it as easy and affordable to rent campervans as possible. With this website, we let you search from a wide range of providers, which of course gives you far more options that simply accepting the first quote that you get from another supplier. Moreover, you are able to sort the results by price (as well as other filters too, such as vehicle size and so on), meaning that you can perfectly tailor the vehicle to your holiday budget.

We would recommend that you always keep checking back from time to time, as we are growing the website and improving our technology constantly. This means that you may well spot new features that will make hiring a campervan even easier and more affordable!

Also, if you find this website useful in terms of booking a vehicle, or even just for browsing suppliers and seeing what’s available for your upcoming trip, then please tell you friends and spread the word! Word of mouth is one of the best ways to grow, and we would love to become an even better known online location for campervan hire.