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All Campervan Hire Topics in United States

You’ve reached our hub where we list all the available topics for campervan hire in United States. From here you can visit a number of other pages, each one a unique article that focuses on one aspect or topic of campervan hire in United States.

Some useful information about United States

The unique country code for United States is US. You will likely therefore find that country code in your address bar if you visit a website from United States. With regards to time, United States lies in the Pacific/Honolulu timezone, which means that it has a GMT offset of -10.0 hours.

Why should I hire a campervan in United States?

Campervan hire has a great many benefits, and it is our opinion one of the best ways to experience a country. Perhaps one of the most obvious and important advantages of campervan hire are the cost savings to be made. When you hire a campervan you are essentially getting your transport included with your hotel costs. This is fairly unique, and although campervans do have quite a high upfront cost, there are actually reasonably savings to be made. Once you set off, apart from fuel, food and any excursions (and possibly the sites you choose to stay at, as you may stay at powered sites etc) you may find that you have very few other costs. Conventional travel funnels you into hotels, hostels or Airbnb style accomodation; considering the fact that most campervans will come equipped with very reasonable cooking facilities, you also stand to save on food.

Another benefit of campervan hire in United States is that it allows you to reach far more remote and interesting places than you would be able to should you rely purely on public transport, or even using a rented car. This is because you are not tied to train or bus schedules, and unlike car drivers, you are often able to stay in or near the site you are interested in. This translates to you having far more time to enjoy the location you want to see, and less time spent traveling to and from points of interest. Should you pick a natural wonder or remote outdoor location, depending on the rules of the area, you may also be able to simply park up your campervan at the site, and wake up to the natural beauty again in the morning!

How can our website assist with campervan hire in United States?

We make campervan hire in United States easy by providing a 24/7 online search and booking facility. This means you can check availability and compare vehicles from the comfort of your own home, and you are much less likely to encounter challenges with languages and having to call abroad etc. Moreover, the comparison feature of our website is a major benefit; you can set a number of useful filters like engine size, berth (the number of people the vehicle sleeps) and availability - these tools help you sort to find the perfect vehicle for your planned trip. Of course, because we also list multiple suppliers and not just the one, you also stand to save quite a bit of money too, as you are able to arrange the results by price. Most traditional offline suppliers would not offer this, and you’d likely expect to pay more as a result.

All Campervan Hire Topics in United States

What do I need to think about when hiring a campervan in United States?

There are quite a few important considerations to be aware of when it comes to campervan hire in United States, and indeed elsewhere in the world too. The first one, of course, is the type of vehicle you are after. As above, we do give you the ability to easily compare vehicles, but probably your main consideration at this point is whether you want to choose a modern style campervan, or an old style one (typically a retro VW Combi or similar). Retro campervans have enormous charm and undoubtedly look beautiful, however they do come with a number of challenges - they may lack power steering, they are far smaller and come with fewer of the mod cons modern campervan users have become used to. Also, they are harder to drive as they are very unlike modern cars, and despite their smaller and lighter frames, they cost more to run in fuel as their engines are less efficient. So, for a larger group or perhaps one made up of children or older people, a more modern campervan is probably the way to go - this also applies if you are planning to drive quite far, as the comfort and efficiency savings here are going to be very welcome. However, if you are fairly young or adventurous, or only driving short distances, an old style VW campervan has a wonderful charm that modern vehicles still cannot beat.

One other important thing to think about is the need for you to check the fine print when it comes to hiring your vehicle. Yes, this can be a bit boring, but a few minutes study of these details will really pay off. You don’t want to discover in the rental shop that the mileage allowance you have selected is too low for your planned trip, for example. Moreover, be sure to check what is required in terms of the driving license and other documents you need to bring, and whether all passengers can drive the vehicle or whether it will just be the named driver allowed behind the wheel. Age limits are crucial too - many campervan hire companies will have minimum age limits, which may be a minimum of 21 years old, occasionally a minimum of 18 years old and so on. Finally, it’s worth checking whether the vehicles come with breakdown and insurance cover as standard. Many hire companies will try to sell you their frankly overpriced insurance as part of the hire package; you might benefit from acquiring the insurance elsewhere, from a company that specializes in campervan insurance, and using this instead of the insurance offered by the hire company.

Hopefully we have now given you some benefits of campervan hire in United States, and these points generally apply to other locations as well. Moreover, we have highlighted a few tips and tricks that you can think about when you come to research and hire the vehicle. We wish you the best of success when hiring your campervan, and hope that you enjoy your upcoming holiday in United States!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Can I drop off my campervan somewhere other than United States?
In many cases you can. Note that if you do, there is likely to be an increased cost.
How does the insurance work in United States?
The campervan insurance is almost always included in the vehicle hire cost, but this usually does not include the full excess (see below).
Will there be an excess for campervan hire United States?
There is likely to be an excess in most cases, however you can usually remove it if you pay a little more per day. You may also be able to arrange with a 3rd party to cover the insurance.
Can I compare prices in United States?
Absolutely! Our search engine lets you compare across a range of campervan providers to secure the best deal.
Is there a charge for using a card to hire a campervan in United States?
In most cases there is a nominal charge to use a credit or debit card, which rarely exceeds 2%. Please note that Visa and Mastercard are the only card types accepted at this time.