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All Campervan Hire Locations in United States

Here we list all the locations in which we have articles on Campervan Hire in United States.

United States is of course a popular place to search for Campervans. There are a growing number of locations in which you can search for and book vehicles, so please keep checking back from time to time, as new locations may have been added since you last visited.

We aim to make it as simple as possible to locate good quality campervan hire in United States. In fact, the overall goal of this website is to shake up a number of hire industries, such as campervans, as we felt that people going on holiday should have more choice and a simpler experience when it comes to searching for and booking campervans online. We Can Help With is your one stop shop for comparison and rental services across the world!

Why hire a campervan?

There are a great deal of benefits to a campervan holiday, so here we present a list of some of the main ones. For a start, you can simply get far more done in a day if you are enjoying a campervan holiday as opposed to a camping holiday (by which we mean a holiday using a tent). This is because you don’t have to pitch a tent at each site you stop at. It might only take an hour or so to put and up take down a tent, but this adds up over many days, and you are ultimately eating into your holiday with this mundane and repetitive task. Also, if you happen to be visiting a country with lenient rights on parking up and sleeping anywhere, you are far less reliant on campsites, which again saves you time as you are not having to detour to unnecessarily stop at a campsite.

An additional reason to hire a campervan is the comfort factor. Campervans nowadays are comfortable machines with lots of space and all the latest mod cons – they will may well come with air conditioning and heating, sound systems, cooking space, toilets and so on. Of course, classic campervans probably won’t offer all this, but then you are hiring a vehicle like that for the beauty of the campervan itself, not the latest gizmos. Ultimately, your campervan is likely to be very comfortable indeed, and a home away from home. You may find it more comfortable than a hotel, and certainly more comfortable than a tent, with all the added benefits that it serves as your transport as well.

Another enormous benefit of hiring a campervan for your trip is the freedom it offers. Not just the freedom of the open road, which is of course significant, but also the freedom to be able to pitch up and set off whenever you want. For example, say you’ve found a great part of the country you’re in and you want to stay a bit longer – well, with a campervan this couldn’t be much easier, you simply decide to stay. Similarly, if you’re not as fond of a place as you thought you would be, you can up and leave any time. This is most definitely not the case if you choose to stay in a hotel or airbnb, as you will be tied into the schedule you agreed at the start of the holiday and will incur penalties if you try to deviate from that.

A further benefit, and one that may surprise you, is that a campervan holiday is not all that expensive, when you add together all the separate costs that you would be paying if you were on a conventional holiday. For example, a normal and equivalent holiday would require car hire, hotels and generally eating out, or at least at the hotel. However, with a campervan, you can combine all those costs into one vehicle, and larger vehicles are also capable of sleeping up to five people! Therefore, you can see that though campervans themselves may not seem terribly cheap, when you add up all the savings you are making you are getting yourself quite a bargain.

The final reason, and one that you might not have thought of, is that most campervan companies will offer dog friendly campervans. This is in marked contrast to the vast majority of hotels and airbnbs, which sadly are reluctant to accept your furry friends. Even though there might be a slight extra fee for bringing your dog in a campervan, you will save on the kennel fees, and also you know that the dog is being well looked after. Plus he or she is enjoying the adventure too!

Some useful information about United States

The unique country code for United States is US. You will likely therefore find that country code in your address bar if you visit a website from United States. With regards to time, United States lies in the Pacific/Honolulu timezone, which means that it has a GMT offset of -10.0 hours.

All Campervan Hire Locations in United States

How to use We Can Help With to hire a campervan

To start your search, all you need to do is to navigate to the top of the page and enter the pick up and drop off location, as well as the dates you want to hire, and your age and nationality. Note that you if you choose to pick up and drop off in different locations then the cost may be slightly higher, and your choice slightly more limited, as the campervan hire company will need to get the vehicle back to the original hire location ready for the next customer.

Once you’ve entered these details, you’ll see a page with all the results relevant to that search listed. From here you are able to view a gallery of photos of the campervans, read information and reviews about the vehicle and so on. We also offer plenty of user friendly features like the ability to switch your currency and easily change your dates as well. Once you are happy with your vehicle, you can book online – and don’t worry, we confirm the dates, hire location and other important information plenty of times throughout the process. We think that you’ll find Campervan Hire United States incredibly simple with We Can Help With, and we would ask you that if you find this service useful you pass our details on to others who you think might also be interested in hiring a campervan in United States.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Can I drop off my campervan somewhere other than United States?
In many cases you can. Note that if you do, there is likely to be an increased cost.
How does the insurance work in United States?
The campervan insurance is almost always included in the vehicle hire cost, but this usually does not include the full excess (see below).
Will there be an excess for campervan hire United States?
There is likely to be an excess in most cases, however you can usually remove it if you pay a little more per day. You may also be able to arrange with a 3rd party to cover the insurance.
Can I compare prices in United States?
Absolutely! Our search engine lets you compare across a range of campervan providers to secure the best deal.
Is there a charge for using a card to hire a campervan in United States?
In most cases there is a nominal charge to use a credit or debit card, which rarely exceeds 2%. Please note that Visa and Mastercard are the only card types accepted at this time.