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All About Campervan Hire in San Diego

This page is where we list all our articles on the topic of campervan hire in San Diego. You should notice quite a broad range of articles; we aim to be nothing less than the number one destination for camper van hire in San Diego online! Please visit the links that interest you below now, or read more about how We Can Help You makes it easy to find high quality campervan hire in San Diego.

Some useful information about San Diego

San Diego has a population of 1,394,928 people during the most recent measurement. The latitude of San Diego is 32.71571 degrees and the longitude is -117.16472 degrees. Also the elevation of this location is 20 metres above sea level. San Diego sits within the officially-designated timezone of America/Los_Angeles.

Why use We Can Help With to hire a campervan in San Diego?

Let us give you a few reasons why We Can Help With is the best place to hire a campervan in San Diego. Firstly, we operate a 24 hour online campervan booking system across a huge range of countries world-wide. You can browse campervan hire without even being sure of the location you want to end up in - simply explore without commitment, and see which countries take your fancy. This is a far cry from campervan hire in the past, which would generally involve physical trips to the travel agent, telephone calls, or heavy brochures being sent through the post, as well as the requirement for a far more firm itinerary. You couldn’t easily be mid way through a trip and spontaneously decide you fancied hiring a campervan to complete the rest of the holiday, for example.

Moreover, we show close to real time campervan availability, so you waste less time trying to book a campervan in San Diego only to find out that the vehicle is actually unavailable. As a purely online business, we are also able to provide a much wider range of prices and options, as we allow you to compare costs from many suppliers. This ensures that you are always getting the best deal possible, and can choose the vehicle that suits you best, from the most affordable models right through to luxury campervans.

When booking campervan hire in San Diego, you of course want to be able to pick and choose optional extras to compliment your new campervan. Again, because we offer so much choice, you are easily able to add things like satnavs, televisions, insurance, blankets and so on to your vehicle. One final reason that we think We Can Help With is the best in the business when it comes to campervan hire in San Diego is that our website is speedy and optimised to work on as wide a range of devices as possible. You can start your campervan search on your phone whilst on the bus or waiting for your morning coffee, continue it at lunch on your tablet, and then complete it on a larger screen at home, when you have a bit more time and more screen real estate to play with.

All About Campervan Hire in San Diego

Five things to consider when hiring a campervan

Here is a list of five things to think about when you hire a campervan in San Diego. This list is not exhaustive, as of course there will always be circumstances unique to your trip, however hopefully they give you a few ideas and places to start:

  1. Whilst the initial cost may seem high, hiring a campervan usually actually turns out to be very economical. This is because you are paying for your hotel, your transport and even your kitchen all in one go. There is no need to visit expensive restaurants for every meal, as you can cook in the vehicle, and no requirement for public transport and car hire etc. So next time you consider the cost of campervan hire, try to work out all the hidden costs of a holiday, to get a better idea for your comparison.
  2. Old campervans may have more style, but they are usually less comfortable and harder to drive. That beautiful old VW Kombi is unquestionably a stunning vehicle, however it may well lack modern amenities like air conditioning, power assisted steering, greater fuel economy and so on (this is not to say that all old campervans are like this, as some have been converted, but it’s certainly less likely than on a new vehicle).
  3. Think about a suitable vehicle size for the holiday you have planned. A large motorhome with all the mod cons may seem like the best choice under all circumstances, but if you plan to be driving off-road, on rough roads or through narrow roads in small villages, then a smaller vehicle will undoubtedly make life easier for you. However, if you have plenty of space and power, then a larger vehicle will actually make more sense, as you will be better equipped to cook inside the vehicle, cutting your eating out costs.
  4. Look carefully at what the vehicle comes with. Campervans will likely come with many of the basics like cutlery, electrical hook up leads and so on, but you certainly want to confirm exactly what the vehicle you are planning to hire comes with before you pick it up. And with some items like bedding, even if the campervan comes with it, you might decide to bring your own for comfort or just to save cost if it is only bundled as an optional extra. As an aside, an item that is always useful to bring is plastic tubs, which can help greatly with storing food and item organisation. Ditto to washing up liquid, scrubbers, tea towels and so on, of which there never seems to be enough!
  5. If your campervan is large, don’t rely purely on the SatNav. Sometimes you will be taken down obscure tracks and other tiny roads all in the name of saving a few minutes off your trip. This can be disastrous for larger campervans, so you would be well advised to cross-reference your route against a map, to confirm that you are not going to end up stuck.

We hope this article has convinced you of the benefits of We Can Help With when it comes to campervan hire in San Diego, as well as a few tips and tricks that might help you when it comes to starting your trip. We would always advise you to do further research, as there is quite a bit to plan especially if this is your first campervan holiday. Overall, though, you’ll have a fantastic time once you get out and about, and we wish you the best of success in securing your vehicle!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Can I drop off my campervan somewhere other than San Diego?
In many cases you can. Note that if you do, there is likely to be an increased cost.
How does the insurance work in San Diego?
The campervan insurance is almost always included in the vehicle hire cost, but this usually does not include the full excess (see below).
Will there be an excess for campervan hire San Diego?
There is likely to be an excess in most cases, however you can usually remove it if you pay a little more per day. You may also be able to arrange with a 3rd party to cover the insurance.
Can I compare prices in San Diego?
Absolutely! Our search engine lets you compare across a range of campervan providers to secure the best deal.
Is there a charge for using a card to hire a campervan in San Diego?
In most cases there is a nominal charge to use a credit or debit card, which rarely exceeds 2%. Please note that Visa and Mastercard are the only card types accepted at this time.