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All Motorcycle Rental Topics in Mauritius

This page is where we list all the topics we have written about that relate to motorcycle rental in Mauritius. Every one of the links on this page lead to a custom article, and are therefore a fantastic way to begin to research your motorcycle hire adventure in Mauritius. We are constantly adding more articles all the time, so please do check back from time to time to read more!

Some useful information about Mauritius

The unique country code for Mauritius is MU. You will likely therefore find that country code in your address bar if you visit a website from Mauritius. With regards to time, Mauritius lies in the Indian/Mauritius timezone, which means that it has a GMT offset of 4.0 hours.

What are the benefits of motorcycle hire in Mauritius?

Hiring a motorcycle is one of the best ways to see a country, and is certainly far better than hiring a car in our humble opinion. This is because a motorcycle allows you to really get off the beaten track and explore those nooks and crannies that a car simply can't get too - quick stops, narrow roads and off road routes are generally much simpler on a motorcycle. Also, unlike in a sealed, heated and air conditioned car, a bike truly lets you feel the elements of a new country making for a far more immersive experience - for better or worse, we must sometimes admit!

Another huge benefit of hiring a motorcycle is the major cost savings that are on offer. Motorcycles are much cheaper to hire than cars, and have the added benefit of costing considerably less to run in terms of fuel as well, a benefit that you will really notice if you are planning on driving round the new country for a bit longer than average. Moreover, you are very likely to pay less for parking when stopping at your destinations in a motorcycle, as almost all vehicle parking stops offer reduced rates for motorcycles. Motorcycles also tend to avoid the worst of the new breed of congestion charges that are increasingly being implemented in cities across the world, as they are seen as more environmentally friendly by city planners. On that topic, there is no doubt that the smaller amount of fuel used by motorcycles (and fewer materials used in their manufacture) does mean that you are doing your part by hiring a motorcycle in Mauritius, vs hiring another type of vehicle.

How can We Can Help You assist with motorcycle hire Mauritius?

We Can Help With has been set up to make it easy for people to find motorcycles in countries across the world, and Mauritius is a popular country for our visitors to search in. To begin your journey, you just have to scroll to the top of any motorcycles page, and there you can click on the search box to be taken through to our motorcycle hire partner's site. There, simply choose your country from the dropdown menu, and you should be good to go. Please note that countries and locations can sometimes get removed from the list as suppliers are replaced, go out of business etc, so please bear with us if your location is not currently on the list. Our partners are signing up new suppliers all the time, so chances are that if you check back soon you will be able to find your country or location on the list.

All Motorcycle Rental Topics in Mauritius

What should I consider when it comes to motorcycle hire Mauritius?

There's a lot to consider when picking your motorcycle, and broadly this can be split into things to look at before you hire, and things to check when you come to actually collect the motorcycle. Firstly, before even looking at vehicles, you should think about and research the climate in the country you're visiting. This will inform what clothes you need to bring, as not all motorcycle rental firms will offer leather and helmet hire. It should also make you think about whether the time of year you are planning to visit is a safe and pleasant one in which to hire a motorcycle, as some seasons are simply not appropriate to all but the most experienced and well-equipped riders. Discretion is the better part of valour here.

Furthermore, we recommend that you research all you need to about the legislation and other requirements of the country you are visiting, if this is to be different to your country of origin. For example, what do you need to bring in terms of documentation, do you need to perhaps take out additional insurance to that offered by the hire firm (if any) and so on. This even extends to things like speed limits and road behaviour, as some countries may not have much emphasis on 'rules of the road', making life far more dangerous for bikers. They may also not properly display speed limits, but despite this may use speed cameras and so on, meaning you run the risk of racking up large fines. Finally, if you can write a list of everything you plan to pack it will pay dividends later on, as you can then ensure that the bike you hire will have adequate storage for luggage and so on. This is something that you can speak to the hire firm about if it is not an explicit option on the bike booking page.

When actually picking up the motorcycle from the hire office, make sure you take your time to inspect the vehicle and mark down any potential damage, as well as checking that all major features like the lights, the horn and so on all work properly. This is important both for your safety as the hirer, but also for the motorcycle hire company themselves, as they want to avoid any costly repairs or rescues later on.

After doing this, take a bit of time to get used to the controls and features of the bike. You definitely want to do this before you head out on the vehicle, as busy roads are not the place to learn how to control the vehicle. Don't sign any paperwork until you are truly happy, as any damage etc not noted down at this stage will have been assumed to have been done by yourself when you come to drop the vehicle off.

This is just a small selection of things to think about when hiring a motorcycle, and if you are not experienced in this process we absolutely recommend that you do plenty of research elsewhere. We hope you enjoy your time on a motorcycle in Mauritius, and wish you the best of luck when searching for a vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How do I get in touch if I have a problem with motorcycle rental Mauritius?
Our partners who handle the bookings have 24/7 customer service who will be able to assist.
How does the insurance work for motorcycle rental Mauritius?
All motorcycles come with third party insurance. You can usually also take out more comprehensive insurance at a small extra daily cost, or you may be able to arrange this with a 3rd party.
What languages do you offer to help with rental in Mauritius?
Our partners allow you to rent a motorcycle in many languages, for example English, French, German, Italian, Russian and many more.
What happens if I need to cancel my Mauritius motorcycle rental?
Cancelling is easy. You can cancel at no extra cost up to 48 hours before the start of your booking. Beyond that, you will be charged the full price of the vehicle. Also note that the cost of securing the vehicle online is not refundable.
What about driving licenses in Mauritius?
The requirements around driving licenses to hire a motorcycle varies greatly by country. We would advise you to always read the rules around licenses on the booking page.