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Motorcycle Rental Moldova

We’ve been set up to make it as simple as possible to search for Motorcycle rental Moldova.

Moldova is a fascinating place to explore on a motorcycle, and indeed is a relatively uncommon country for tourists to visit (tourist numbers are slowly but surely growing, however). Moldova is the poorest country in Europe, but its economy has grown greatly in recent times and the country is on a relatively positive trajectory. This website is one of the few that is actually able to offer motorcycle rental in Moldova, and where available this will mainly be in the capital Chisinau as well as the cities of Tiraspol, Balti, Bender and Ribnita.

The country has a fascinating and varied past – once an independent state called Bessarabia, it was eventually annexed by the USSR during World War Two. During the period of Russian rule, the people of Moldova suffered significant persecution, with few political and economic freedoms compared to those living in the West. When the USSR finally began to crumble in the early 1990s, the Moldovans were at last able to secure their freedom, and the country became an independent democratic republic. The economy also moved over to a capitalist system, which has led to a great deal of growth over the years.

Because Moldova is not yet a major tourist destination, you’re likely to experience more of the real country as the culture has not been damaged by excessive amounts of tourists. A motorbike is of course one of the best ways to get around the country and really get under the skin of the place. You'll find taking a motorcycle tour of Moldova quite the adventure, and you'll be something of a trailblazer, as it's not a terribly popular type of holiday, at least not yet. Enjoy creating new experiences with We Can Help With and Motorcycle Hire in Moldova!

Reasons To Use We Can Help With To Rent a Motorcycle In Moldova

Our target is to improve the rental market for a wide variety of different topics, and certainly Motorcycle rental Moldova is no exception. We wanted to make it simple and easy for people to look for Motorcycle rental Moldova, as we felt that the whole process before online providers such as We Can Help With came along was slow and painful. This is because it would involve calling round a wide variety of suppliers, and even dealing with language related issues when you had to call suppliers abroad. With We Can Help With this is no more, as our website and motorcycle search feature is available 24/7 and in a growing number of languages.

One way that we make Motorcycle rental Moldova simple is by including the search form on every motorcycle page on We Can Help With. To search, simply go to the top of any page and click on the form there. When you do that, you’ll be taken to the page belonging to our trusted partners Bikes Booking, and from here it’s a piece of cake to complete your booking. Simply add some detail about your rental, such as the dates, and the pick up and drop off site. When it comes to Motorcycle rental Moldova, we are sure that Bikes Booking will be able to help, and given that they are adding new locations the whole time, you should have no problems in other countries and cities either.

We Can Help With tries to be as flexible as possible when it comes to Motorcycle rental Moldova, and because of that we have tried to give you as much upfront information about your rental. For example, we describe all the extras that can be hired alongside your motorcycle, such as helmets, unlimited mileage and so on. We also allow you to add multiple motorcycles to your booking, which is perfect if you are going as a large group. Note that we also let you comment on your reservation, which is useful if you have any particular needs or points that you wish to make – although you can always message us with queries before the rental too.

Motorcycle Rental Moldova

Top 10 Reasons To Hire a Motorcycle

Here are 10 reasons why we think you should consider Motorcycle Rental Moldova

  1. Complete Freedom. On a motorcycle you are far more free than any other form of transport. On road, off road, around the city, all are possible on a motorcycle (and you won't get stuck in traffic). The roar of the engine, the power at your fingertips and the wind rushing over your body is symbolic of freedom to many riders. It sounds overly romantic to say it, but there is something incredibly liberating about that moment you begin your adventure on a bike.
  2. Companionship. Motorcycles are one of the best ways to bond with existing friends and make new ones. If you travel in a tour you'll come out the other end with some great new buddies, and even if you travel solo there's a good chance you'll meet people on your trip without really trying – how many car drivers get talking to a fellow driver for example? Motorcycles provide a superb talking point and conversation starter at your various stopovers along the way.
  3. Your mental health. Motorcycling is incredibly good at ensuring that you stay 'in the moment', which is a fantastic way to reduce stress and improve your mental health. You are able to forget about the daily stresses of life and concentrate on the task at hand, such that you leave the bike rejuvenated and relaxed in a way that few other hobbies can offer.
  4. Enjoy the journey, not just the destination. Uniquely to pretty much all other forms of transport, when you choose to visit somewhere on a motorcycle, there's a very good chance that you'll enjoy the trip just as much as (and maybe even more than!) the destination. The fun has long ago been sucked out of car driving, and buses are a real slog – travel to your destination in style on a motorcycle and enjoy the ride as you go along!
  5. Benefits to your physical health. Again, unlike the vast vast majority of other forms of transport, a motorcycle trip is also good for you physically. You use energy setting up the bike, and the relatively intense actions of moving the bike at a slow speed and steering a bike serve to strengthen muscles and improve coordination. So now when you head out you can tell yourself that you're also doing your body a favour too!
  6. Fun. It hardly needs saying really, but riding a motorcycle is hands down simply heaps of fun. In fact, it has been described as "so much fun it should be illegal"! The raw power, the exposure to the elements and the fact that your are so low to the ground make a motorbike fun in a way that, say, a car could never aspire to be. Most forms of transport these days have had the fun well and truly sucked out of them, but motorcycling has very definitely been spared!
  7. The environmental benefits. Ok, so we've already established that it's good for your mental health and your physical health, but to make things even better, it's also good for the environment! Well, when we say ‘good for the environment', that's a pretty big exaggeration of the truth, but it's certainly not as bad as nearly any other form of transport going. So you can ride easy in the knowledge that your motorcycle merely sips fuel compared to the fuel guzzling transport of your fellow travellers. And the more popular motorcycling becomes, the more environmental savings can be made.
  8. Cost effective. Compared to cars and public transport, a motorcycle is one of the most cost effective ways of getting around. Even the most high end bike is a fraction of the price of equivalent high end cars (and also capable of out competing them on acceleration due to their favourable power to weight ratio, but that's another point…), and of course you'll save loads and loads in fuel and even parking charges. To make things better, many cities around the world are implementing congestion charging, but motorcycles are of course immune to this generally.
  9. They're cool. Ok, we said it, but let's be honest - it's true. A motorbike is simply way cooler than pretty much any other way of getting around. It's probably not a great reason to start riding, but maybe just think of it as an added benefit. The bike, the leathers, heck even the helmet are way more cool than anything any other form of transport can muster. So embrace this happy coincidence and all the benefits that come with it.
  10. Bikes are still made by humans. Motorcycle manufacture still has that human touch to it, which makes each machine a little unique with its own character. In comparison, cars are merely machines manufactured by other machines, designed to have as little human involvement as possible. As an added benefit, motorcycles are easier for you to customize yourself, which means that your bike can actually come to represent your personality to some extent.
Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Motorcycle