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All Pet Sitting Topics in India

Here we list all the common search topics for pet sitting India. This will help people find this page and begin their pet sitting India adventure. Each one of these links will take you on to a new and unique article specifically written about just that topic, so it's a gateway to a whole world of useful information about pet sitting India.

Some useful information about India

The unique country code for India is IN. You will likely therefore find that country code in your address bar if you visit a website from India. With regards to time, India lies in the Asia/Kolkata timezone, which means that it has a GMT offset of 5.5 hours.

Why should I consider pet sitting in India as a sitter?

There are so many fantastic reasons to pet sit in India, both for the sitters and the hosts. Firstly, for the sitters, it is a wonderful way to travel the world, or even your own country, on the cheap - you stand to save an enormous amount of money vs the extremely high costs of hotels, hostels and the like. Moreover, you'll find that a well provisioned home will often come with many more amenities than a hotel, for example proper cooking equipment like an oven, perhaps a garden, likely multiple rooms and so on. Furthermore, pet sitting India really suits the new breed of remote workers who can work out of any location; you may get lucky and have a fully equipped home office at the home you pet sit in, but even without this you are bound to get at the very least a quiet kitchen table. This really beats noisy and disruptive cafes or hotel lobbies, which can make it impossible to work, and at the very least unprofessional if you're in a meeting etc. Of course, if you go down this route, it's very wise to speak to the hosts in the first instance to confirm that their internet is indeed fast and stable (in fact, reliable internet is another likely benefit of pet sitting, since unlike in a public space like a hotel, you can guarantee that there will be a relatively small number of people using the system at the time, and it shouldn't get overloaded).

Of course, it almost goes without saying that one of the main reasons you as a sitter might enjoy pet sitting in India is that you get to meet and play with a whole range of beautiful and unique pets! You'll be the company and support these animals need whilst their owners are away, and it's certainly true that you will get the chance to know them very well. All pets have their own advantages: if you look after dogs, for example, it's a brilliant way to explore the surrounding area and maybe even meet some locals whilst you're out on your walks - dog walkers tend to be a social bunch after all! Alternatively, if you look after cats, you should get a very peaceful experience with minimal disruption, fuss and general work required. Other more exotic pets come with their own challenges and benefits too, of course.

As already touched on, when undertaking pet sitting India as a sitter, another wonderful benefit of the whole experience is the locations you are able to sit in. These can be, if you 'shop around' a bit, in totally different and unique parts of the country to the standard tourist locations that you would be forced to visit if you went down the standard hotel and hostel route. You might be able to find anything from a wonderful city centre apartment right through to a larger house in the suburbs and even a totally remote farmhouse that is far far away from the kind of spots tourists normally visit. You're far more likely to see a part of the country that you would never have seen before too, so get searching, see what comes up and take a gamble on somewhere you wouldn't have explored before!

All Pet Sitting Topics in India

Why should I offer pet sitting India as a host?

As mentioned above, there are also a huge number of advantages of pet sitting India for hosts - and by hosts, we mean those that offer up their homes as a free place to stay in exchange for sitters looking after their beloved pets. Probably number one on the list is, of course, the very large cost savings you stand to gain vs putting your pet in a cattery or kennels for the time you're away. This can save you so much cash that it makes a previously unaffordable holiday perfectly viable (or perhaps a business trip, an emergency trip or another reason why you might need to leave your home). Furthermore, you also gain the added security of a vetted and approved person looking after your house whilst you're away, rather than just leaving the home empty. Should anything go wrong at the house whilst you're not there, for example a leak, a broken window or simply online deliveries turning up, the sitter has far more chance of at least contacting you and perhaps resolving it than if you simply left the home empty.

Of course, a huge benefit that almost goes without saying is the fact that your pets will have the love and support of a caring sitter every day, rather than the more questionable attention of cattery and kennels owners. This is especially appealing for more nervous and jumpy pets, frequently cats, who despise catteries and much prefer the comforts of home. Even with the best will in the world, cattery and kennel owners will be looking after a lot of pets at the same time, so cannot give them the unique attention they deserve, which is far less of a challenge for a sitter. Finally, for those with more exotic pets or pets with special conditions or health problems, a sitter might be the only way you can even get away, as there may simply be no professional bodies who can affordably look after your pets.

We Can Help With, the best place to find pet sitters and hosts

Overall, we hope to have made a good case as to why you should strongly consider pet sitting India both as a host and as a sitter. It really is a superb and affordable option for both parties, so we suggest that you click on the form at the top of the page now and begin your pet sitting India adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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How does insurance work with pet sitting India?
Insurance for the host’s property is automatically included. The host’s property is covered for property damage, theft and public liability.
Who are your partners who I book pet sitting in India through?
Our partners are perhaps the biggest and best name in the business, Trusted Housesitters.
What happens if I don’t know how to look after a certain species of pet in India?
No problem, when you search you are able to specify the species that you are most comfortable with.
What if the pet I’m looking after in India gets sick?
Our partners provide a 24/7 Vet Advice Line for you to call.
How can I trust the sitter in my home in India?
All sitters are verified, and you are free to choose sitters with only the highest levels of verification.